Teach you how to deal with according to the character of the customer

Teach you how to deal with according to the character of the customer

as a sales staff, often to deal with customers, how to deal with the customer is thinking about the problem, in the face of customers, not blindly to show your communication skills, but should be more targeted to deal with. As a sales person, to maintain the relationship between you and the customer, first of all you have to understand your customer type, grasp the personality characteristics of the client to suit the remedy to the case.

1, chatter

The initiative and control of

this type of customer than the strong desire to speak can’t stop, let a person cannot be interrupted.

2, silent type

this kind of customers with the above types on the contrary, they seem very quiet on the sales staff said take it leisurely and unoppressively, you may listen carefully, but really listen, we can make nothing of it.

3, forthright simple type

this kind of customer personality mostly positive and cheerful, love is not the problem of excessive messy will not, decisiveness, things crisp. Therefore, relative, will be more patient, more emotional.

4, indecisive


this kind of customers can be said to be the largest number, they tend to shilly-shally in the purchase of a product, psychological swing, even if has finally decided to buy, but for the details of the goods will again consider the comparison, it is difficult to choose, unable to decide. This kind of character of the customers are usually mild, not aggressive, but they love indecisive, indecisive.


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