What psychological preparation to do before the stall

What psychological preparation to do before the stall

many people have money to stall, but because there is no good related psychological preparation, to become a member of the stall until the pendulum, but because of various factors and hastily ended without success. In fact, if you want to successfully put a stall, it should also do a good job related mental preparation. So, what should be prepared to do a good job before the stall?

each big business have to start from a small business, if you want to start a business, then, I suggest you do the first stall, as long as you put a good stall to do other business is very easy. In other words, the stall is the basis for doing business practice, but also a shortcut to make money. But the stall also have to prepare, then put the stall in front of the psychological preparation?

We know that

is a spread of social contempt of the industry, the natural stall of the same is despised, they despise it is because they do not understand the potential of this industry, how do they look down on you that you can’t despise yourself! But sometimes the more humble business may be the more profitable oh!

first: you want to have a comprehensive understanding of the spread of the industry, and do not have to hold down only to the idea of a stall. To do as a stall is a cause to do, because those who look down on you, perhaps his income is not as high as you, I would like to mention that in the preface. Have a full understanding of the society and the profession, you must know that in this society, money is the leading factor in the society.

second: face problem, if you want to put a stall then you don’t put your face as a face, face is what? The face is not worth a farthing, the rich have the face, no money, no face, this is the fact that iron, so you must first put down your face up to stall.

you will meet acquaintances, you will bury it deep feel shy to let your friends see you in the stall, of course, this mood is understandable, but we cannot always be bothered by such psychological, if long-term that will directly impact on our work made. So we have to think of ways to overcome this psychological.

want to overcome this psychological, then you must first conquer yourself, the more you are afraid you will encounter acquaintance to acquaintance place to put this several times in a row, then you will find that you are never afraid to meet acquaintances. This is a very direct and very simple and effective way oh!

third: that is, if there is no business to bring the psychological pressure, which is a very common problem is also the most difficult to overcome the problem. People who stand out of the booth, especially the people who have just put up with such an experience, that is, we are placed in a place, when you see someone else’s business is very good, and then he did not recommend business


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