Smoke hotel decoration design techniques

Smoke hotel decoration design techniques

open entity shop business, decoration is a very important job, after all, only better store decoration, can be recognized by consumers, will make the shop business hot. Smoke Hotel is a very profitable project, in the decoration of the smoke Hotel, we must not be careless. Smoke hotel design should be simple and easy to give priority to, highlighting the high end of the atmosphere of the decoration style, more with the craft glass, the decoration of a bright and spacious environment.

in the cigarette retail stores numerous, highly competitive today, tobacco and wine stores not only to win by quality, but also to the people". Because a good store, you can enhance the grade and image of the store, so that it stands out in many shops.

how to design a beautiful and practical shop? Below, I give you a few storefront decoration and design skills for your reference.

a small tobacco store, placed against the wall surface three shelf display cabinet type tobacco; opposite the door shelf is arranged in front of the glass counter display small cigarette; on the ground close to the shelves stacked with boxes of drinks and beverages. The store is small, but the owner made full use of the space, commodity display orderly, beautiful store.

this shop owner placed a large area, the wine on the ground Duitou, not only make full use of the space, but also very good promotion on sales of goods, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

this shop is mainly red sandalwood color, elegant and generous, so that the packaging of colorful cigarettes is very prominent. The lights installed on the ceiling, drinks counters and cigarette counters are placed according to the lamp, the shop is very bright.

smoke hotel decoration space layout to be reasonable

tobacco shop displays higher requirements on the goods, so the shop area cannot be too small. However, there are shop experience friends all know, find a position and size to meet the requirements of shops is the need for luck, sometimes you can not have both, in this case, operators often give priority to the location of the shop, so sometimes the operating area is lower than it would be.

in store design, the first thing to consider is how to make better use of space. The smaller the size of the store, the more we should make full use of space.

tobacco and liquor stores to operate mainly in the design of the store, the main consideration should be the layout of tobacco and wine products. The operator is the best partition on alcohol and tobacco products display, because the smoke has higher purchase frequency and purchase the characteristics of scattered, and easy to pick up two from security considerations, the smoke should be generally placed in the shop side, and separated by external counter.

in order to ensure that there is full


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