Sichuan intensive support migrant workers Entrepreneurship

Sichuan intensive support migrant workers Entrepreneurship

there are many migrant workers entrepreneurship has become very common, at the same time, the majority of migrant workers have become the main force of entrepreneurship, all over the country are actively try to take some measures to promote entrepreneurship of migrant workers.

as the main output of migrant workers in Sichuan Province, voice in the recent intensive in the issue of migrant workers returning home "".

7 months, the governor of Sichuan province Wei Hong mentioned in 6 different occasions, migrant workers entrepreneurship, while the Sichuan provincial government also launched a package of aid policy.

21 Century Business Herald reporter noted that this is the 2012 Sichuan Province, the province’s rural labor transfer employment beyond the province, the province’s first introduction of migrant workers to support entrepreneurship policy.

"through to solve the problem of employment of migrant workers in Sichuan Province, will also promote the early completion of the poverty alleviation work." Huo Weidong, executive dean of the school of economics and information engineering, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, twenty-first Century economic news reporter.

key to support the rural electricity supplier

"opinions" clear, will give support on the threshold of entrepreneurship, tax incentives, financial support, financial services, business park construction etc..

2012, the transfer of rural labor in Sichuan province for the first time exceeded the province, after several years have continued this trend. Statistics show that in 2014 a total of about 24 million migrant workers in Sichuan, which exports about 11 million people, the province transferred about 13 million people.


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