Shorthand pen born out of wealth

Shorthand pen born out of wealth

with the development of society, more and more companies, more and more meetings, big heads of state to meet, as small as two party negotiations, shorthand has become an indispensable part of. Although the industry is short cut, but has a very large market, is a good investment choice!

in foreign countries, has experienced the process of handwritten shorthand shorthand – Mechanical – computer shorthand shorthand shorthand, the market has decades of history. Take the case of the United States, the United States before each city, each state has "copy", the copy specifically for government departments to provide specialized services to their shorthand, the president, to the governors, have specialized personnel in shorthand.

to the later, some work for the Chinese government to see shorthand shorthand talent services market has great potential, and have his own, set up a special meeting record meeting service company. Due to market demand, professional services, meeting many companies are operating well, the inside of the shorthand talent income doubled, many people entered the "Jinling class".



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