Country girl selling tofu

Country girl selling tofu

is a weak female students in the choice of work like most students do not go to work, but their own business selling tofu, is now a big company CEOs earnings is normal, let us work together to meet the girl.

Bu Rui, a popular country girl, haven’t graduate university in 2009 to start business, now is the general secretary of Jilin Province Food Science Co. ltd.. Her entrepreneurial process had aroused many people questioned, but encouraged more people, as the standard of 80, the road of entrepreneurship is difficult, but she has to fight with. Female college students back to the village to do business in the establishment of the company to do tofu tofu brand to do the country to complete the entrepreneurial dream

In September

2005, bu Rui carrying the family’s wishes, walked into the school gate, also became the only big family mr.. The parents plan, bu Rui should be in after graduation to stay in the city, looking for a smooth face, the task of rural left. But the opposite, bu Rui has not returned to the University Graduate Village, walk on the road of entrepreneurship.

in the third time Bu Rui, when she inadvertently see such a "poison bean curd" on the news: due to the consumption of additives containing forbidden "diaobaikuai" "poison bean", a teenage boy suffering from uremia, to the child’s family and he brought endless pain. Reading this news, Bo Rui had an idea, to produce truly safe, healthy food, a similar "diaobaikuai" things happen again.

2009 years in March, Rui Rui arms and parents to support their loved ones, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the choice of the project is tofu". The early start of the difficulties about female students have not graduated from is a big challenge, all the work Bu Rui must qinliqinwei. A boy carrying more than and 100 pounds of bean curd, have some difficulty, bu Rui every day have carried on dozens of plate. Get up at 3 every morning, and then go to the morning market stalls, sold to future research, to run the market, looking for the site. The last day, every day is the morning with the moon, in the morning with the moon.

established the company registered brand

just one month’s time, bu Rui figure once Changchun throughout the city streets and lanes, while female students start selling bean curd news throughout the Changchun city streets and lanes, the original "Bu Rui tofu project" has become the focus of the city authorities helped students start the project.

2011 years, bu Rui investment 1 million 500 thousand yuan, built a standardized bean products factory, accounting for air accumulation of 4000 square meters. In 2012, the establishment of the Jilin Chang Rui Food Co., Ltd., and registered the "bu" brand, in the same year made the Jilin provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau issued the "National Engineering recommendation


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