Qianjiang entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial loans secured loans

Qianjiang entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial loans secured loans

China’s economic development has been seeking transformation, and in 2015 found a way to promote innovation and entrepreneurship employment, promote economic development. Qianjiang District, Chongqing, the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship to promote employment projects in entrepreneurship has made five achievements.

policy publicity coverage. At the beginning of 2015 to carry out the policy to send, send service, send jobs to towns, streets and the scene for the loan; cooperation with the municipal and district level media media column, special publicity business loan policy and business model; for the enterprise, Qianjiang District 200 good operating condition in 113 normal college graduates’ Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship to send loans policy advocacy to mobilize their condolences, apply for loans.

loans for high efficiency. To guide the credit institutions to increase the intensity of training, be familiar with the process, standardized operation, improve work efficiency. The coordination mechanism of each of those loans will streamline procedures, loan process from the employment office trial – Financial Audit – bank lending is reduced to the Employment Bureau Audit – bank lending, improve the efficiency of payment, and the increase in the Bank of Chongqing Qianjiang branch as the loan of financial institutions. Explore the loan market, encourage intermediaries to participate in the loan agency business to extend the service.


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