Video shop on what to make money

Video shop on what to make money

if we invest in a business, but the industry is not the slightest understanding, such a business will naturally be difficult for a long time. So, if we want to open a video game shop, the first thing you need to know how to make money. A lot of people will have such a question, how much profit video game console? How much can you make a video game shop? Maybe you are a player, but you do not know enough about the video game industry.

in the video industry knows, host profit is generally very low, some of the stores do not even rely on the host for money, in fact, these manufacturers like SONY Microsoft, is also the host of course do not rely on profits, and does not rule out a lot of businesses rely on the refurbished machines profiteering behavior. So, since the host does not rely on earnings, then the main profit point of the video game shop in the accessories and aftermarket.

generally, the host game player will buy buy corresponding accessories, especially in today’s various host function more and more strong, more and more parts and accessories today, profit is relatively high, even a 5 yuan worth of pirated CDs, the profit is more than 100%, so it is not difficult to understand why so much money by selling pirated cds.

at the same time, game player have such a psychological, buy a host in a shop, he will usually be your life-long customer, spare parts and maintenance every where you do business, customer service, you can Everfount profits, at the same time, the maintenance is a big source of economic profit. It is often said that the video game store can not earn a lot of money, in fact, they do not know how to repair.

is actually a lot of fault shoot only 10 minutes, but because other people do not understand the problem, businesses can easily collect hundreds of dollars in repairs; and many customers don’t fault the machine, also can through the 4-500 element to close over, repaired, with 1000 yuan more than the price of two mobile phone sold, profit the new machine is more impressive than! And the shelf life can be extended, so that customers are very confident of their own video game store technology, then your profit naturally grew a large.

if you think that the video game store is just selling the host to make money, then your shop may not be able to bring you much profit, it may not be long. Therefore, the video store profit is very rich, as long as you in-depth industry to do, so it is hard to avoid making money, and believe that many open game store owners themselves are quite love video games, to bring their own interests and make the cause Why not??