80 year old beauty online custom clothing amazing revenue

80 year old beauty online custom clothing amazing revenue

the rapid development of electronic commerce, the contemporary young people prefer online shopping, especially to buy clothing, the store has been no small impact, but this clothing store business is booming, why is it?


in Nanjing Xinjiekou a small clothing store guests a day in a continuous line, the highest turnover reached 50 thousand, and it is next to the popular clothing store. The boss is a start empty-handed 80 beauty, carefully asked that the 80 business was really many, she used the Internet to order customized clothing, the next line store service, annual sales reached more than 15 million.

custom clothing let Yixing Yuan soared

Speaking to

in the store, the reporter saw Mr. Zhang in the IT industry, he has a special, "the size of non standard pyknic type", led directly to the clothing store to buy clothes usually have "the knife" process. Due to the needs of the work, often out of some fashion, the trend of the occasion, there is no personal clothing so that Mr. Zhang is very distressed.

high performance price ratio is very popular

when the home conditions are not good, father had died sick, in order to give the family debt I came out to work in the garment factory. From the garment factory to start a business, then really do not understand anything." In addition to their own funds is not enough, do not understand the decoration, she also encountered a roll of money on the foot of the shop, the funds can not get back to love


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