Why the low success rate of entrepreneurship

Why the low success rate of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial success rate is low, in many cities will be such a phenomenon, why entrepreneurs always die? What should we do? According to the findings of a survey in Chongqing for several years, the proportion of people with entrepreneurial intention every year in 20%, but a year after graduating from college to the real business of people less than 2%, the gap between the two are more than 10 times.


"on the entrepreneurship training lesson learned something". Southwestern University Junior Gong Tongxue told reporters that the school has now opened a business training course, help college students to set up the innovation and entrepreneurial consciousness, he said: "we will learn a lot of knowledge, but the class is in want of perfection or too little, only more than and 20 hours, a lot of problems in actual operation no solution."

The general manager of Chongqing Hyundai


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