Rich two generation of girls to start a hot pot shop

Rich two generation of girls to start a hot pot shop

today, "two rich generation" one word more is a derogatory term, is a kind of a symbol, have neither learning nor skill over reliance on home. In fact, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to a rich two generations of girls, through their own efforts, the ultimate success stories.


3 on the evening of 17, in the district Xiaolongkan old factory in the stall type exploration, a simple Hot pot shop voice loud, 10 tables of guests All seats are occupied., was enjoying Hot pot. A fat girl in the shop is busy with food, pour boiling water, warmly greet guests……

"here is my business starting point, I want to Hot pot made their own brand, first in Chongqing, then in the open Hot pot stores." Yang Mengyin said, Chongqing’s famous Hot pot with odd Hot pot and Qin Ma, they started the store when the size is not large, entrepreneurship has encountered many difficulties, but are now in the country opened a number of chain stores, the boss also became the star of Hot pot. "They are my role models." Yang Mengyin said she intends to open a factory outside the


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