Literary fan Taobao shop into 30 million

Literary fan Taobao shop into 30 million

this shop called "still walking", the main literary style, the pursuit of simple, comfortable experience, the most eye-catching is similar to the first such personalized copy. In most cases, female fans began to be moved by the text of the store, and then put on the clothes store.

advertising and traveler

Taobao entered the market

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from scratch, from small to large, the Taobao shop do not necessarily have to grow with bitterness and hardship, Xiao Lu Feng and He Xiaoming at least three years do not have this feeling, it can be said to be the Everything is going smoothly. Of course, two person’s life trajectory has changed with the Taobao, this change has made them surprised, "sometimes to seeing so many people in the busy, have a strange feeling," the boss of this identity, they also do not adapt to.

7 on a hot morning, in a building in a Binjiang Park in Hangzhou, the company is still walking, two small bosses to meet with reporters, interview locations in a small conference room, this is Xiao Lufeng’s office, a long table with a laptop computer. Air conditioning is open, the head of the fan is also turned around, sitting opposite the two big boys wearing a T-shirt, gentle attitude, neither too enthusiastic nor shelf. Before entering the house, Xiao Lu Feng hand clip book, a hand carry a cup of coffee, wearing a knee length shorts, the foot is a pair of flip flops, as if to go under the tree shade like books, but it was actually his normal work.


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