Jiangsu manufacturing knowledge Artisan spirit open the way to fly

Jiangsu manufacturing knowledge Artisan spirit open the way to fly

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made in China, no one does not know, whether it is at home, or in the world, China has a certain reputation. Special glass fiber materials from China’s space satellite are from a private enterprise in Jiangsu, Nantong. November 4th, the reporter walked into the enterprise, to understand the road made in Jiangsu feitian.


for the production of special glass fiber materials for aerospace vehicle enterprise called Jiangsu Jiuding new material Limited by Share Ltd, the last century in 70s, it is Nantong Rugao town as a textile factory. More than and 40 years, this little-known small enterprises in the market economy, aimed at the market demand, continuous innovation and development of new products, now it has stood to the top of domestic special glass fiber industry, and reached the advanced level in the world.

"the opportunity is always belong to the prepared mind, we study the production of triode, motor, lathe, planer, 1972, a chance to let me come into contact with the glass industry, I think the future will be great for glass fiber materials, which started in the industry for 40 years." The 68 year old chairman of Jiuding new material Gu Qingbo sitting across from reporters, talking about their own career "glass".

late last century in 70s, the coal mining industry and traditional cotton material just unfolding, the coal mine fire duct is not good for Jiuding antistatic and flame retardant fabric market will become the direction of duct cloth, they according to the characteristics of glass fiber, successfully developed a hairdryer cloth with antistatic and flame retardant properties of glass fiber guide.

Zhang Youlian, assistant to the president of

tells us the story of the sales of glass fiber woven fabric, when he and the glass fiber with the hair dryer to sell around the coal mines, coal mines are not accepted for the time of the year. But when they did not return home, the coal mine ordered the phone hit the factory, because the relevant state departments issued a new standard for the flame retardant fabric.

"this is based on the market forecast and a profound understanding of the industry." Gu Qingbo said.

soon, Jiuding glass duct cloth duct cloth accounted for 50% of the market share, and become the industry standard product makers, the factory has been listed as the Ministry of Commerce, the Department of building materials for ducting sentinel manufacturers. In the market situation is very good, but also aimed at the new R & D, and their research and development of glass fiber geotextile materials are classified as national high-tech products.

interview, the reporter felt deeply, Jiuding has been able to do the best in the industry, because they grasp the pulse of the market, constantly upgrade their products.

in a national fiberglass products ordering meeting, Gu Qingbo met with Russian product standard book everywhere looking for suppliers of the country’s seven machine department, Gu Qingbo said to them, no one recommended


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