nnovation and entrepreneurship education Shenzhen University

nnovation and entrepreneurship education Shenzhen University


13th Five-Year" period, we can feel that the policy for entrepreneurship education attention, therefore, provinces and cities have established business college. Recently, Shenzhen has also set up a business college, in order to better establish the entrepreneurial thinking of college students, improve the quality of entrepreneurship.

3 15, a reporter from the Shenzhen City Board of education informed the official website, Shenzhen University has established business college, the college does not refer to the traditional sense of the university teaching college, but similar to the "business center", for all students entrepreneurship courses, through the introduction of entrepreneurs, angel investors and other external resources, to give students entrepreneurship practice guide or boost the incubator project.

it is reported that last year, on the introduction of the "deep" several opinions on further promoting the innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students, has also recently set up a business school, intended to break the wall, the establishment and cooperation of enterprises with universities. However, the founding of the Shenzhen University School of entrepreneurship, does not mean that the true sense of the teaching institute. Li Fengliang introduction, Shenzhen University Institute of entrepreneurship is different from other entrepreneurship theory practice of light theory, pay more attention to practice oriented, focusing on the practice and incubation of student entrepreneurship projects.

in addition to school support, deep venture college also introduce external resources, such as outstanding alumni, please investors, industrialists such as student entrepreneurship project guide, can also be a mature risk investment project. Entrepreneurship college students to support the project will also be adjusted, from the past relatively low-end projects, turning to support the Internet and other emerging industry projects, priority projects can be assigned to the college students in the park. At present, the park has also been upgraded, an increase of passenger space, creating a customer experience and other parts, this year immediately delivered.

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