Wuhan will become China’s nternet venture fourth city

Wuhan will become China’s nternet venture fourth city

Internet business has become the market in recent years, although now in many city with the Internet business, however, every city economic development is different, the Internet industry related business development progress, nature will not the same. With the continuous development of the cause of the whole business, Wuhan will become China’s Internet venture fourth city!

6, "Wuhan Unicorn enterprises and Internet entrepreneurs’ fourth city ‘Roundtable dialogue held in Optics Valley, entrepreneurs, investors and experts and scholars to participate in the dialogue that Wuhan in recent years the emerging high quality Internet venture, local science and education resources and location advantages to attract further release, IT talent agglomeration and capital is concerned, to the following Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou. After the China Internet business" fourth city ". The event was jointly organized by the joint venture of the city.

"unicorn" concept by the United States Silicon Valley female investor Aileen · Lee proposed in 2013, has become a global capital hot words. Changjiang Daily reported in Wuhan, the first Unicorn appeared as an opportunity to focus on a number of rooted local, high growth Internet companies. Up to now, looking for Wuhan Unicorn column has been searched and reported 12 companies, triggering a strong reaction.

on the day, Sheng day network, TV, network roll skin, fish, game, very empty two ten bell verified, Wyatt ran echocardiography and depth of science and technology, culture, Fernando car came, show treasure software, Ning Mei country, intelligent birds, according to Xun Wuhan innovation company founders, executives participating to the communication. With their business growth process, to explore the cultivation of Wuhan Unicorn enterprise soil and short board. Reporters on the spot inventory statistics, the total valuation of the presence of about 50 billion yuan.

venture deep clay mobile Internet venture fund general manager Liu Min said, "Wuhan currently has dozens of" unicorn "and" quasi unicorn ", in this environment will continue in the future of the unicorn enterprise fission. Changjiang Daily is very eye – catching, as you capture the future of Wuhan will produce a large number of ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Unicorn’ tuyere."

From the perspective of investors share

he said, Wuhan, the outbreak of a large number of quasi Unicorn enterprise is an ordeal for investors, in which only 10 million of the valuation of how to identify it, the test of investors ability to vote or not to vote, you ignore, is this a lifelong regret, regret not tens of millions of magnitude. But the magnitude of billions. Small Unicorn valuation of billions of 10 billion, the most terrible thing is to achieve a market value of 100 billion unicorn". Met did not vote, it is regrettable; cast it out soon, this is the most painful, we must have a forward-looking vision and professional judgment.

City Commission by letter, East Lake high tech Zone and other relevant responsible person recommend


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