When the elite girls peripheral female millionaire staggering

When the elite girls peripheral female millionaire staggering

peripheral women in recent years, the rise of a new term, refers to the packaging into a model star and a group of women who are rich. Not only are some of the women who love luxury life will be engaged in this line of business, a lot of elite girls also began to be a peripheral female.

reported to open on the car, have the elite girls as a peripheral female, the professional company’s packaging, is playing a film actor, professional, famous spokesperson. It is sad, less than a year, she drove luxury cars, luxury, seems to have become a successful woman.

: external female real life for 300 thousand

  the night covered all over with cuts and bruises

online as well as fire up the "periphery", the so-called "periphery", netizen SCC- said: "Chi Jiang science industry called business model, generic name dirty whore, honey." It is said that these are the outer perimeter of the girls mostly flat media models or small actors. Eat, play, sleep is the main work of external female ". They call the merchant wealthy customers, customers who have, mainly the nouveau riche, the big fat." A number of respondents said the model,   peripheral female rich two generation of customers and there is no outside imagination so much.

Cui Zixuan to reporters sighed: "for the money, many girls are not hold, and the rich will only use them as a tool to play, not just to accompany, accompany sleep, play, even playing with SM, the drug will be   heavier taste, higher price, and are agreed on. These things are Zhou Yu Huang Gai – a wish to make a wish to suffer." This is just a SM oriented guest comes to an end, a wound in exchange for 300 thousand cash.


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