My home for a long time Kaba misinformation CNZZ statistics to the impact of nternet users

My home for a long time Kaba misinformation CNZZ statistics to the impact of nternet users

thinking: Kaba misinformation Cnzz statistics, to the impact of Internet users.

my long two stations are using CNZZ statistics, in my family for a long time (, the user has been questioning the official, why the virus on the site?. For my long time users, the understanding of the Internet is not very thorough, the most is housewives, they are very afraid of viruses. Therefore, this false positives, to some extent, reduce the credibility of the site. And at the same time, my family long official chop out the announcement, along the cited CNZZ official announcement, lift the user’s vigilance. Users applauded. Therefore, in the event of major problems, the site must make timely announcement accordingly.

and on another website, because netizens are active and know how to analyze viruses, they don’t have any vigilance, but officials still make relevant announcements in important places.

such attention to the user, to the site is not just traffic, and more importantly, to bring a sustainable user experience website. As a website administrator, in the Internet, there are some major issues, do a good job of related announcements, timely notification of Internet users, so that users can recognize the relevant events, but also a good site operation experience.

website development, the process can not or less, will encounter such and such problems, the problem is not terrible, terrible is not timely understanding of public opinion. These problems are very willing to affect the user experience. In this regard, the site operators should focus on users, give users a better experience, will be a promoter of website development.


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