Taobao how far is the promotion of a single product station

Taobao how far is the promotion of a single product station

Taobao customers have many forms of promotion, micro-blog promotion, mail bulk promotion, website promotion, shopping, sharing promotion, window display and so on. In the website promotion, especially in a single product station. A single product station because it has to do stand fast, ranking fast, quick money quick three advantages, so many people operate Taobao customers are more like to use this form for promotion. However, after a single product stand, after all, belongs to SEO, which is a kind of alternative extreme approach, so it itself has a lot of problems, such as ranking instability, the site is difficult to repeat customers, the site life is short.


single product station form – a weight loss station

Taobao customers in the form of promotion will have a development process, previously done Taobao guest single page, as long as the selected product, do a good job site, every day to update and do the chain, you can get a good ranking. But now the situation is slightly different, some high profit goods are a lot of people do, fierce competition led to only a few rows in front of the site can make money, but in the back row of the people can only pick up a little remains of a meal.

A fact that

cannot be denied is that single station is indeed able to earn money, but this is not a lot of money to make sure, because of the limitations of a single product of the station itself (the ranking is not stable, the site is difficult to repeat, short life etc.) limit these items difficult to stop to do something. The author believes that with the growth of Internet users online shopping consciousness, competition with Taobao customer facing, and constantly adjust the search engine algorithm and other factors, a single product promotion station will face difficult, difficult to survive the


first, the awareness of online shopping growth of Internet users determines the direction of a single product station

e-commerce development in China basically mature stage, most of the Internet users basically learn to buy online. Internet users want to buy a product online, and know the product through a search engine when they don’t know it well or are vague about it. And when the Internet users in the search engine search for the product, see most of these single product station. With the products on display in front of the user, this is in fact did not provide any valuable information to the user, it is easy to cause the user to find relevant information to understand, and do not choose to buy online. Some users may be because the product picture novel and going to click several times, it may be able to give the indirect revenue Amoy door.

with the increase of Internet users on the Internet awareness, the search results related information is increasingly clear, many users see these sites are displayed in the same product, but not the amount of information needed by the user, so this website not meant to retain customers. Moreover, users don’t click on those products. As a result, the survival of a single product station is undoubtedly affected by the high rate of users jumping out of such sites.

The competition problem faced by

two and single product station


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