Some problems about network navigation are discussed

Some problems about network navigation are discussed

many sites lack of pertinence and friendly navigation design, it is difficult to find a path connected to the web, do not offer help to let visitors / users find the information they need help, the user experience is very bad. In this article, we try to do some research on Web navigation interaction.

first of all, for WEB interaction designers, the simple solution to the problems encountered is to design a comprehensive web navigation system.

aims at optimizing website navigation

a website navigation design to provide a rich friendly user experience has a crucial position, simple and intuitive navigation can not only improve the website usability, and to facilitate the users to find the information, can improve the conversion rate of users.

if the home page is compared to the website facade, then the navigation is the channel, these channels go to every corner of the website, navigation design is reasonable, for a web site is of great significance.

1) the basic thing that determines the user’s experience of browsing through the web site.

2) web navigation design is reasonable, you can maximize the content and services of the web site in front of the user.

3) reasonable navigation design can increase user stickiness and improve the browsing depth of Web sites, so as to improve the PV value of websites.

4) promote user spending and increase website profitability. Guide the user to consume, display the product and the service that the customer really needs in front of him, even the unexpected service of the user, you also appear.

5) increase website advertising value and increase website advertising revenue.


;    , a common structure for web navigation

YAHOO’s web design has been the object of many domestic portals. Let’s first take a look at several existing navigation styles on the Yahoo site:

1) Yahoo home page (the most commonly used column navigation)


The navigation on the left side of the

Yahoo page lists several columns that are most frequently used (or accessed most frequently or where the site is most wanted to let users know). This navigation, including the top horizontal structure of the page, is the most widely used method of navigation in the internet.


2) More, Yahoo, Services (more navigational information)

Yahoo as a global comprehensive portal website, the service provided by the home certainly more than the left navigation display, so how to more service navigation? And how to show to the user? So Yahoo. "


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