Several ways to improve the popularity of local badminton Forum

Several ways to improve the popularity of local badminton Forum

in the past few months, I have been at the heart of an observation of badminton forum, but the popularity of this forum is not active, have hundreds of members, the number of communication posts but we do not want every day, only a few people to send some of their every day doing what? And who are in play the photos and information, but it was 3 months before it happened, turn the world upside down changes in this website, the number of posts from day 500, the number of posts directly surged to 2000, this article, is also a website about the investigation, talk about raising the badminton forum popular way.

: first, play badminton advantage (provide venues | organization game)

play badminton advantage, since it is moving, but also is the forum popular, but no exchange, can only explain a problem, the forum’s popularity experience is not high, after the people do not know what to do, the forum also did not take such a step up, so we can play badminton this advantage from where to start, the incremental popularity concentrated membership after all violent exchanges can only direct the prominent enthusiasm so that will arouse the risks, so how to do


a) provide outdoor venues, actually believe that every city has a sports field, a badminton Forum’s popularity certainly cannot do without playing this project, but the most important is to contact the outdoor venues, what is not difficult, for example, there is a zone in my observation site that there is such a venue where I believe is a very advantageous topic for people who want to play badminton in the city.


b) organized outdoor competition, competition is the calling subscriber line an excellent experience where the game compared to the one is actively call members, on the other hand can also be used to exercise the values, so that more people involved, an organized activities, enthusiasm, on the one hand you can let members of the competition consciousness, communication consciousness, competition consciousness full integration in the forum, the forum for direct direct bursting with popularity. As shown below is the competition for the forum post.


secondly: play the charm of badminton merchandise sponsorship (various promotions and discounts)

cannot do without anything as long as you buy or sell, and commodity related, so in the forum you can fully make this value directly back to the user, which is to play badminton sponsorship charm, this kind of marketing which include the following points, the first point is the sale of badminton, badminton racket is second points; the sale of badminton memorabilia. Well, the two points below are directly specific to

a) the promotional activities of badminton and rackets. In fact, the popularity in the forum is on the one hand active, and the other is on sale


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