Personal webmaster sentiment talk about gold ore and ship

Personal webmaster sentiment talk about gold ore and ship

there was a group of businessmen found a large gold mine but met a not past the river? Business people rush across the river for gold! Busy for many days but there is no way in the past from the rapids of the river, some people thought the plane himself shipped over and pick up the phone to contact your company staff request support aircraft, but found the phone in the ravine where there is no point signal, the businessman wants to go back and ask after his arrival aircraft aircraft but fear of gold by other traders accounted for so to abandon the idea. A week went by, and the merchants were in a state of great anxiety.

Mike, Jimmy was also one of the merchants. He had no financial resources as much as the other merchants. He left the group quietly on the third day of the discovery of the river. As businessmen talked about the departure of Mike Jimmy and accused Mike and Jimmy of giving up wealth easily, Mike Jimmy had rented a large number of ships from the hands of the locals.

and after 2 days of business has been on the side of rivers spent 9 days, businessmen felt very anxious, their food seems to eat almost, many businessmen have to pack up and decided to leave at this time, "Mike Jimmy" led to his rented fleet arrived at the front of the merchant there are a lot of delicacy, wine on the ship, "Mike Jimmy" to let people enjoy the beauty business after dinner. "Mike Jimmy" told the merchants that he could send the merchants over and pay a high rate of freight, which was even 1000 times the cost of ordinary ships. Businessmen was not convinced decide not to take the "Mike Jimmy" in the past, they want to go back and get better in to take the gold, "Mike Jimmy" had penetrated their thoughts, smiled and said, if you do not take my clothes that I would be a person for the endless past wealth. Business people are benefit to move, have written a hefty check to the "Mike Jimmy" and "Mike Jimmy", and signed a long-term agreement to its delivery delivery principal gold price is not the price of ordinary people.

"Mike Jimmy" no other people taking strong capital as capital, Mike Jimmy has other businessmen can not be compared to the brain, "Mike Jimmy" from the gold mines in the profit even more than business people gain more than others, and merchants to obtain easier


stationmaster, do not participate in the malign competition of great disparity, change an angle to think, you acquire the fortune to be able to be more than other people.

when everyone is a "legendary money" and the as cheerful as a lark early to see the huge market according to the development of their own efforts to this website. After a few years, they now earn even more than 100 thousand of their daily income.

webmaster should have a pair of others do not have eyes, to see through the profit model, so that their income more than doubled.

when someone else is complaining


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