Personal experience webmaster how to use good Tencent product site promotion

Personal experience webmaster how to use good Tencent product site promotion

promotion method of millions of species, choose a suitable for their own hard, why? Because you don’t know what suits you, when you choose for your kind, you don’t know that he has no effect, so only the reference of others opinions or suggestions, step by step to find out, to discover, to tell you today to share my own promotion methods used, I hope to help you.

definitely recruit one: QQ friends to promote

Remember when

became friends when not the first time to the ads, if you do, ten nine people directly pull you black, but also the promotion of what? "The art of war" in the enemy to be read, remember. On the promotion, it is absolutely effective, to talk about feelings, promotion, people are emotional animal, chat can reduce the strangeness, so the first step is to talk, no matter you love not love, not happy music, closer friendship is the most important, is the next step for the promotion of a job the cornerstone of powerful promotion personnel are themselves to finally shine on. Don’t worry about it. Put your heart down and think slowly about how to increase your trust in others.

definitely two: QQ mail promotion,

Tencent mailbox has a feature is that when someone sends you a mailbox, you can pop up a small window, do not tell me you do not know, the lower right corner of that ah. This is not to help you promote it? Write a little mail headlines, so that people have a desire to see the impulse, remember, do not write so naked, because often mixed in the network, where there is no immunity truth?. The same topic to see more, immunity came out, generally I receive mail tips, I will look at the title, such as certain XXX project and so on, I was a delete, and what his content. Because I’ve seen too much immunity. So don’t make a copy of other people’s mail, think it over yourself,


definitely three: QQ space promotion


go anywhere will move, and visits to QQ space is large, is also reproduced more, about the actual combat experience in my personal view, better write some feelings, jokes, entertainment, with most of QQ is casual, they love to see the food after the topic, and emotion is the most love, I read an emotional article, reprint rate reached 1 million, think this is a scary thing. So write the mass like content is half the promotion success, remember to introduce your website on the line.

definitely four: QQ, micro-blog,

although QQ micro-blog is not enough, Sina, micro-blog powerful, but do not forget how huge Tencent users, so that users can make up for the lack of innate ah. And it is connected with the space, is the so-called Tencent slogan is one in hand, traveled all product Tencent! Even the game is OK, so, is an understanding of the use of QQ micro-blog promotion choice, if you can get certification that fans are Everfount >


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