Six ways to increase the volume and popularity of independent blogs

Six ways to increase the volume and popularity of independent blogs

six ways to increase the amount and popularity of independent blogs

now build independent blog people very much, including writing his own mood log article, work experience articles and write technical articles, this paper focuses on how to improve the independent blog traffic technology experience and visibility.

1. Blog professionalism


is technical articles, so the blog content should be the best technology in the article, will not write technical classes, while writing entertainment or other contents of the article, so reduce the visitors to the whole blog blog to blog also favor, around key words to write technical articles, not the other the. In this way, the entire blog article is written around the blog theme, which leaves a deep impression on the visitor. Perhaps he is interested in the blog collection or promotion and publicity on his website.

two, content content.

this simple words, but there are a lot of people don’t do, I said here is not content and professional requirements of blog articles must be advanced on the inside, we are faced with the majority of visitors to the blog, we need to understand what they need, if the owners or SEO in our blog. Do not need some literature articles, we need to contact their actual work or experience, unique to write some articles or case analysis in their work, some worthy things to use, because many visitors are not experts, they need some practical articles, more practical for them more useful, and even some need some can be used on the use of things, some things can be copied, or some practical ideas and methods. In this regard, the promotion expert Mou Changqing did very well.

three, keep regularly updated

every day to update or regular updates, so that visitors know what time will you update the article, he at the fixed time will visit your favorites from the inside, the actual long became regular visitors, if there is no law, for a long time the visitors will be lost.

four, insist on replying to comment

every day some time to reply comments and blog, strengthen the interaction with friends, some friends never see blog comments without habits or habits, if you insist on comments and messages to message visitors feel valued, feel the blogger can communicate with, even more visitors the viscosity of Why not?


five, visit similar blogs

often visit similar or related blogs and bloggers are interactive comments, whether it is the exchange of experience or chat or with other bloggers to communicate not only know some friends, get some relationships, but also some of the visitors come from his blog, the use of these relationships and can do a lot of things such as, "


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