Soft Wen in the end is written to the machine to see or people see

Soft Wen in the end is written to the machine to see or people see

I would like to ask you a question, is the article we wrote for the search engine, or for the people who wrote it to us?. I think most people would say, of course, people, but in fact, some are written to the machine.

‘s article for search engines is like this. Because of love so we see the original engine, the webmaster want to write some engines have not seen one. But the time and energy of the webmaster are limited, they don’t have time to write original, so they collect other people’s articles and revise them. This change is different. Some change sentences too long, some change to obscure, and some even to get good rankings. Added something that the machine liked, did some keyword optimization, and so on. Ace!


what’s the article written for people and what are the characteristics?

1, people like to read some sentences, short articles, easy to understand, read very smooth article.

2, to help themselves, there is the connotation of the article, this is the most important, after all, the customer is to study.

3, the article structure is clear, a section of a section of separation, so that you know what they need, which can skip directly.

writes for machines that might rank well. Because they have more updated articles. Relatively high frequency. Original readers like it best because there may be something useful in it. I don’t want to criticize who is good or who is bad. Just want to give some advice to the two:

first: for the machine to see, please write the article more concise, the sentence is easy to understand, some paragraphs clear. The collected articles have some connotations.

second: original friends, write some original articles every day, and sometimes very tired, especially to write some related content. So, can we read other people’s original article, understand its essence, and then express it in your own language?. Analyzing from a different angle, I suppose it will be easier. Hope to help you, but also welcome to communicate with you,


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