Why do SMEs do search engine marketing SEM

Why do SMEs do search engine marketing SEM

today is undoubtedly belongs to the era of the network, any enterprise can not ignore the impact of the Internet. Search engine marketing is to promote the network and promote the use of search engines, SEM has to pay for the pursuit of the smallest, from search engine natural maximum flow, its price is any promotion channels are incomparable. Search engine marketing in North America is already small and medium-sized enterprises, one of the most popular promotional channels and even the world’s top 500 enterprises. To further optimize the rapid development of domestic e-commerce and Internet environment, search engine marketing must be the development of small and medium-sized enterprises must do homework.

according to the Harbin small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion environment, bloggers think able to perform wonders its development space is still very large. According to the survey in Harbin small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion can be roughly divided into the following several types of.

Baidu bidding promotion


is undoubtedly the highest market share of the search engine, the blogger did stand while Baidu and Google have very good rankings, but the website search engine to the natural flow of more than 90% are from Baidu, and total station total flow rate more than 70%, visible in the future. The value of Baidu and SEO SEM we mainly do Baidu. Baidu keyword promotion (PPC) can quickly lock industry, precise positioning quickly to enable enterprises to obtain the search engine’s natural flow. And now Baidu advertising alliance to do good, also can accurately grasp the potential prospective customers in.

but as the Internet increasingly fierce competition, the bidding keywords are more than 1 yuan, and the conversion rate is relatively low. Spending a month tens of thousands is normal, and then we get the promotion once stopped traffic on the network channel will also be closed. In order to optimize the expenditure, general business in Baidu the promotion can not be all day long 24 hours, so it loses some foreign or other prospective customers access.

by bloggers observation, auction sites rarely work in the content of the website, it is not difficult to find the bidding website generally are relatively simple and can be read with fewer resources, which is one of the reasons for the low conversion rate. The other is the reason of the low conversion rate of malicious click.

do the bidding website in the search engine information is usually in the URL followed by the promotion of two words, while the normal snapshot grab site is Baidu snapshot. With Internet users mature, you will know your search engine ranking is paid, the search engine website snapshot is good contrast recommended..

this difference will undoubtedly form reputation in the minds of customers

SEO enterprise website optimization

has few enterprises do SEO website optimization, to obtain the free search engine traffic. These enterprises can be said to be more intelligent, because people do SEO cost is much lower than Baidu for promotion, 1 months for the cost will return for website >


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