New trends in foreign dating sites the domestic may wish to learn about

New trends in foreign dating sites the domestic may wish to learn about

we are not afraid of a joke, I am going to thirty, is still single, so often to dating sites such as Jiayuan registered place to hang out! Of course are free


to tell you the truth, I personally do not believe it online dating, because marriage is really between the 2 families, perhaps I am in Nanjing, to know and love a girl from Harbin, but if we let down one of the existing business, leaving their parents, to pursue their own love, really it is difficult to do it! So, my first choice, or find the same city in her


several popular dating websites are also very easy to help us find people in the city, but after finding contact is very troublesome. Is to leave a message, wait for the other party "audit", after the audit, and then start the email..Sms.. Meet… Hand in hand,


saw Taiwan CTV News yesterday, suddenly found that foreign now popular lunch date, is the use of 1 hours for lunch time, meet the person, eat lunch, feel good to bad communication, can also be friends.

of course, this is to rely on strong network technology, this marriage company is developed like this:

1: take all the buildings in the city with staff members (note that no building can be left behind), such as schools, business districts (white-collar workers), hospitals, etc., and draw it into a 3D figure. It’s kind of like a network game castle, but it’s more realistic! It’s easy to do now,


2: user registration, when user registration, according to the IP address (no meaning to cheat IP, of course,) automatically determine the user at which a building company name! Users to complete the registration procedure necessary, for example, upload photos, work situation etc..

3: users login, set their own status, such as: noon free, you can date. After landing, you can find the buildings around you at the same time. Look who’s looking for an appointment, and if you feel comfortable, talk online,

4: it feels good. Come out for lunch at noon.

5: offline development….. Marry……

to tell you the truth, such a idea may have been thought by many people, but few have done it well,

to think about it, maybe we have good people around us, but we don’t have the chance to meet, communicate, find the other side. Why don’t we start with people around us,


and, by doing so, cheat less, because your address can correctly reflect the information about your company,


, the company is now on fire (I won’t disclose a foreign company website), according to news reports, the company also won a government award because it helped the government solve the problem


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