Today no rice see how an expert lives in the cracks of the government

Today no rice see how an expert lives in the cracks of the government

no meter today: small market also has great value, foreign space and domain name purchasing.

website filing system is more and more strict today, many webmaster is very depressed, especially the production of garbage station station group of webmaster. So that a large number of webmaster retreat and request, a large number of foreign space, domain name and server. Many experts also see this business opportunities, and thus launched a foreign space purchasing domain name on behalf of the business.

1, domestic appearance enterprises and unwilling to record and part of the XX station owners, demand;

2, the foreign space is cheaper than the domestic service providers, the space is also bigger, the service is more standard;

3, because many domestic enterprises also need to use the site for foreign trade activities, it is impossible to conduct a comprehensive blockade. Moreover, a large number of foreign trade enterprises, a company may reach tens of thousands of sites, even hundreds of sites, as well as heard of a more terrible company, there are ten thousand foreign trade stations. Therefore, it is very difficult for these enterprises to put on the record, of course, we do not rule out the possibility of full filing;

4, part of the webmaster and the management of the English level is limited, and the purchase process is not familiar with.




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