Pseudo Original time consuming and arduous work

Pseudo Original time consuming and arduous work

in the general experience, all think that the original article is easy to be included in the search engine, and collection or reprint is more difficult to be included. So, for the so-called original, some people are keen on "pseudo original"". In fact, in my opinion, these are time-consuming and hard work, as long as it is a good article, whether it is original or not, no matter what website it is on, search spiders, see good things will be collected.

randomly selected an example, as follows:


, this is an article by 2009-10-23 at 19:21 starting at ADMIN5 webmaster network. The amount of hits is at the top of the line at 4:00 2009-10-26. Let’s take a look at what the major search engines have for this article.


Baidu included 144


Valley included 1030


Sogou included 647 pages

said the search engine doesn’t love to repeat things, but why the same article, search engines will be hundreds of thousands of records included? This is worth thinking about! Search engine is not a fool, not the same things for hundreds of thousands of times all don’t know. I think, search engine to the same article repeatedly included, it is the content of the article affirmed. High quality articles, is the number of other websites more search engines to see so many of the sites are reproduced, it can determine the quality of the paper, further increase the collection of relevant content.

a lot of people to bend over backwards to false original, in my opinion is not necessary! Purely to pseudo original and East moved west, moved out of the readability of the article put all sorts of things together very bad! Maybe a search engine that will be pure original articles given included, even give good rankings. But if visitors search this article through a search engine, what will it be like to see an article like this? Even if the user is experiencing a bad site, even if the visitor comes, he can not help it. See the mere trash articles, will leave a bad impression on the viewer, long-term development of the site is very detrimental to the


I think, actually search engine love is not "original", but "good stuff", something valuable! So, if have the ability to write their own, do not have the right to find the good stuff! Find good stuff was originally reserved to your own website! To search engine will not included that is not is not original, but that you send the value of something.

there is another point, that is, the weight of the website. Baidu loves my ten thousand – chain master network, during the day (probably >!


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