The stability and speed of space; the importance of standing

The stability and speed of space; the importance of standing

recently really depressed quickly hung up, the Internet vulgar wind out trash brothers SF and then engage in jittery, plug-in station, and the Ministry of information industry for the record, the entire Internet got turbulent, also told us how to live these small webmaster, webmaster group brothers are in cursed, the so-called vulgar is the network security of a word only, they say is vulgar vulgar. All right, here’s the gossip. Get back to business.

brothers, it’s necessary to stand and find a stable and fast space:

my site at the end of last year was the vulgar wind "harmony", the domain name can not be used, so when I came to the first month of this year, a new analytic server, a domain name on the site to turn the whole again, remove all the vulgar picture, and then re host, can be regarded as a the new station, after about 2 weeks, Baidu finally included my station page, a keyword is ranked in the first page of Baidu, a day to about 1000 IP, not much, but I still feel satisfied, after all, this station is now only a month time, the content is also more slowly again, contact the previous knowledge of several webmaster brothers do some links.

due to the rapid development of the site just, suddenly one day found the site open, call the space business, that bastard don’t answer the phone, then simply shut down, no way, had to call the room, the room that pornographic web server, was forced to shut down the server, you the server, pass for 1 weeks, this time I see Baidu included into 0, but still only snapshot is a snapshot, a week ago, then contact the space business, he put the server hosting to another room, and heavy newly opened, everyone is very happy, after all the problems to solve the. A few days later, Baidu put my collection out.

, however, not a few days, and found to be closed, because the server has not filing website, tongguanju ordered the closure of 24 hours, Wednesday is the day, Baidu big update, the morning check included, found the status bar back a few days ago, a snapshot of serious correction, included 0 key words don’t know where it went. Cry without tears.

to the brothers below to mention a few things to pay attention to space:

one, customer service,

service is the first important, a lot of space between the flow and the speed difference is not large, even if the price of your point does not matter, but must be considerate service, when you encounter problems, can be the first time to contact the space business, let them to solve the problem, the other is secondly.

two, space online time guarantee


server must be stable, not often disconnected, if you are small, the weight of general station are not very high, when the server is disconnected, the search engine can’t grab your site information, will give the site right down, or directly to the website.


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