Uncover the truth of 15 projects to get rich

Uncover the truth of 15 projects to get rich

everyone wants to make money, entrepreneurial wealth has become the demand of the public, many people are eager to find the project, however, a lot of fraud in the wave of entrepreneurship was born quietly, there is the risk of investment, entrepreneurs need to be cautious, today Xiaobian for you as you open the 15 rich project a truth, help your business the road is more easy.

1, Ganoderma Cultivation: technology is true. However, the liar to raise the price of tens of thousands of times, what is planted 2 square meters, the annual closing more than ten million. Also make a recycling contract, in fact, is a cover.

2, Cordyceps: technology is not yet mature, the current success of Cordyceps militaris (a kind of Cordyceps like something). Even the most authoritative scientists are still in the experimental stage, not to mention a large area to promote the. But a liar has claimed that the north and south for everyone to do, no matter what kind of soil, it seems that as long as you can get rich, it is nonsense.

3, the results of the month of strawberries: do not manage, as long as planted into the soil, you are waiting for the monthly picking fruit. This is a strawberry variety, but it is not enough to say, purely speculation behavior.

4.: planting cheat in order to get money, put some common or very valuable medicinal herbs, said the signing of the contract what ah, as if it were raining flowers, price recovery, in fact, or you receive the seed germination, or survival rate is surprisingly low, this is a scam.

5, Aloe Vera: do have a high nutritional value and medicinal value, but the real recovery of the unit can be very poor, at present a large number of Aloe Vera units have their own base. A liar is to sell their seeds.

6, the project being false, "the name being" who is completely premeditated make the. Is actually a guinea pig, the liar those worthless animal crown a new name, then known as the rare animal, misleading operators, to send ill-gotten gains. They carry out seedling sales, earn money is seedlings.

7, ants get rich: liar claiming a nest of about 100000, raising the nest can earn $ten. All the tricks.

8, American frog: the project is true, the market outlook is also good. But in the Chinese market, it is difficult to have a real American frog seedlings. The so-called seedlings, almost all their own training.

9, Rana: is the treasure of Northeast China, you can extract the Rana chensinensis oil, but not every place can be farmed. Don’t be fooled.

10, spider poison: spider venom is indeed precious, but ordinary people take the poison can not be. And not all spider venom is useful. Said white, or sell or seedling technology.

11, white jade snail: white jade snail is really good, but very high nutritional value. Liar claims less investment, short cycle, huge profits. But now >


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