Sharing the secrets of expanding articles in the station Thinking Strategy

Sharing the secrets of expanding articles in the station Thinking Strategy

with different types of websites, as editors often feel station no content can be edited, no content can be extended, collect down slightly processing, search engines do not pay, the suffering brain many station editor friends. Today, I share the secrets of station articles – thinking strategy, so that the editor is no longer a problem.

regular thinking,

many station editor friend when editing sites, usually through the collection, slightly modified, is released on the website, or through multiple articles together, then collect and distribute on the website. Or at large portals, to edit their own site checkmark to sit to collect some slight modifications will end update to the website. This is the current general station editorial thinking strategy used by small and medium enterprises and personal sites, while large portal sites usually have a set of editorial strategies.

positive thinking

I illustrate, to facilitate understanding. The author uses "spiral steel pipe" as the key word to explain how to use positive thinking to edit content inside the station. According to the manufacturer, the production of raw materials, production technology, production equipment, sales prices, price quotes, market purchase, user market, market, market, market, pay attention to customer service, market development extension "extended station content, these content usually belong to the original, many Internet related industries the site is not, and the content is often not in the Internet search, the content must be familiar with the spiral steel pipe or manufacturing of spiral steel pipe manufacturers, distributors and agents, a provider of raw materials to complete the information is extended out through the articles, and through the keyword layout, a link ring, it is easy to improve the quality of website content. Often, these contents are compared by search engines like.

reverse thinking

are many editors often ignore these shortcomings, no customer service, no quality assurance, no integrity assurance, harmful to the human body, the harm, caused by the use of containing hazardous substances, does not meet the national standard "factors, such as" spiral pipe "of course also will include the above factors as the station editors must stand in positive thinking and reverse thinking and rational layout of the station for the extension. However, the premise must be familiar with an industry or a product, otherwise it is difficult to find the relevant information on the network.

user thinking

often website exists mainly in order to be able to let customers find what information, the search engine is for customer service, so there is to the user since the site exists, as all the webmaster website content to do must stand in the user position of rational arrangement.

was taken from China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)



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