Network segmentation webmaster should choose good direction

Network segmentation webmaster should choose good direction


network is subdivided into five years, and everything on the network should appear. The annual increase in innovation is 10%, compared to 20% now. According to the current population statistics of China, it is about more than 1 billion 300 million people. Later, the population will gradually reduce, and some like Japan, Western Europe and other countries, the aging population is more and more, social demand will decrease, innovation ability will decrease. The webmaster, should focus on various segments of the industry, intensive and meticulous farming. Don’t look at sina is very strong, very good news, Sina automobile, Sina, Sina and other female finance, but also strictly speaking, in addition to Sina News is the first in the industry, other sites are not the first, soon there will be beyond our competitors. Now look, maybe, which can surpass sina.

            Sina unlimited scenery, Tencent is what matter, many years later, it is about the Tencent has been a qualitative leap, the launch of the QQ news, QQ space, QQ games, lock the user. And what does not toss about Sina, but long decline, the user does not follow the drain, and ultimately will have rivals beyond. In the market segments, Sina sub station how to compete with other more focused Adsense?. The website can focus better according to user needs to update the content and function, sina is an aircraft carrier, how he can adjust the strategy in time to meet the users, you can choose on the Department of ships, sailing in the big sea.

              GM is the world’s largest car manufacturer, but not the most competitive company in the world. The direction of large companies is not easy to change, small companies can promptly change direction according to user needs, in order to adapt to the environment in order to survive. Now many Internet companies grew up in 20~30, Chinese network company less only more than 10 years, many employees on young talent, after 30 years, many companies have a lot of retired staff, retired staff welfare is every part of the company’s assets to pay the annual burden of retired staff benefits will reduce the profits of the company. Just like General Motors and Ford Motor Co, they lost their profits because they had too many retired employees, and they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

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