The main force of the future development of county portals

The main force of the future development of county portals

the main force of the future development of county-level portals

with the continuous development of large integrated sites and market monopoly, prompting small and medium-sized owners have pointed out the narrow differentiation of local small sites. Although this kind of website is not mainstream yet, subdivision has certain pertinence, so it will be the main force of Internet development in the future. But many webmaster but because similar to county portal such website operation and profit way and helpless, finally gave up this big cake. I believe many webmaster must have discovered this big and fat cake, just how to lower the mouth is the question that has been thinking about at the moment. Now, there are thousands of counties in the whole country, and there are few county towns with a decent County portal. Therefore, as long as the first time to capture this piece of fat, and can operate effectively, then the future of county-level portals of revenue and development is not to be underestimated.


How does

select profitable and developing county level stations?

local county portal, the first step must be to do a market survey of the county, the county has a small if famous website, it is recommended not to blindly intervene, because you do not move you or at least 0, once blindly follow you must be negative, because the county was very small, and people there have been First impressions are strongest influence, the new owners want to switch this mountain is very difficult.

when the market exists, how does the county-level web portal operate?

do county-level portal, the most difficult to solve the problem is:

1, no hands are provided.

2, not technical or graphic designer, will not make a website.

3, skilled, but do not understand commercial operations.

4, every day worried about the website, no popularity, no reputation; the site has been open for several years, but has not earned money.

5, no team, no capital operation, no legal business license, etc…….

the problem is certainly the webmaster and thinking, and thinking about these questions the webmaster what attitude? I guess here under the bold: the first one is to keep a wait-and-see attitude, see the portal to the future but because of not blindly operation to solve the above problems but still cannot. Will focus on the operation scheme and a successful case about County portal on the internet. Second, found in the market and resolutely go to the station team to operate, but the website operation 1, 2 years is still unable to find profit point. Third, find that the market is not followed blindly, but spend some time and effort or money with Adsense exchange to study the county has been successfully profitable, the essence of learning others operation, finally hands-on, let the site for the first time can step on track to save more time and cost of exploration. These three kinds of people, third kinds of people are the most business vision, with the shortest possible time


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