The ups and downs made when stood

The ups and downs made when stood

this is an age of personality publicity. It is an age full of temptations. It is precisely because of this, I was constantly building, continuous exploration, continuous progress. Until now, the development of a regular station "Knight master station."". This station will live with me all my life. "When the station" will never develop, immortal.

now personal Adsense promotion website, I think: in addition to do SEO, the best content is the best way to promote. There are good content, users will be free to advertise for you, and inter – for your web site publicity!


2009, the remnant is king, who is the last to fall, who will have the opportunity to succeed. Want to understand the "Knight master station" causes, it is traced back to "Knight" to do the station process.

if a website is no longer updated, after a period of time after re revision, search engines will do, search will also stop updating, search frequency will decline. What about people? Stand. How about the station? How about the search?. Therefore, to do the station or to "people" based,


actually, I think I’m talented in the internet. But I was in the wrong direction. I have done relatively large competition keywords, row to the first, and later because no character, was Baidu K.

at that time, the site has 1W traffic, the school network code, and later, Xiaonei revision, and its built-in template, with fewer code people, search code less people. After being K, I got up another station and came to the first place again. Then, never down, I rarely updated, ha ha.

I have been a QQ space code, to achieve 5000 IP, 5000 do not know what the feeling put ads to make money, do not stop later, reduced to about 3000, down to about 1000.

later, I do TV drama plot station, do more 7000IP, manual, pseudo original, a short time to do a lot of traffic. Later, want to get more traffic, the whole site keywords change, the results of Baidu K dropped, I have no character, I’m not satisfied, I deserve it.

and then, I did the station again. Do porn sites, half a month to do 3000IP, the results know that search engines, will not allow a short time to get traffic stations survive, because they like the slowly developed web site. The station is safe and reliable, and the station owner will not stop it. Does not affect search user experience.

because Baidu needs to be considerate of its users. Otherwise, he is difficult to survive, open the whole chain, Baidu

how to live?

that year, I did a webmaster BBS, called Search: webmaster BBS, row to Baidu first page, then all is advertising, I don’t care, let them advertise. Later, there were too many advertisements, and then I closed the station directly. Now I want to: webmaster BBS, keywords row up, difficult on many.

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