Dry goods how the nternet should do traffic and only large breasts is not enough

Dry goods how the nternet should do traffic and only large breasts is not enough

to do traffic, do not once and for all users, must be a motorized, persistent, long-term operation.

Why do


first of all, to do traffic, in essence, do the user, do the product.

it’s not a matter of hiring a few kids, paying for an ad, or hiring a few business operations to solve it automatically. In essence, the need for CEO, product managers themselves to think, and there are actually a lot of errors.


one mistake is to simplify the indicators.

in the Internet Co, whether it is a video site or financial websites, often put some nude breasts, this popular title in the network, the flow guide to your own website. They put in a lot to boost their website’s recent operating targets. But does this really mean substantial results? It sounds simple enough to be forgotten at the executive level. In fact, the promotion of the Internet, including the promotion of some time ago to buy the site, 80% or even 90% of the money out of money meaningless.

another mistake is to ignore the product.

products, user acquisition and operations are actually three in one. Many products origin of the founder, believe that as long as the product itself is ready, and then promotion is very simple. Traffic actually is how products reach users, which is as important as the product itself, and also a product issue. For example, Zynga, his early game itself before and there is no difference, but it is the first batch of good use of the Facebook of the game reached the blue ocean. New users from the core game player users reach the method itself can become great innovation.

, the second basic question is when to start spending money to get users.

Most of the

traffic methods do not cost money. Getting your users on the basis of your product’s performance and operations is the proper way to get users, but why do you want to spend money on users?

there are probably two answers: first, accelerating growth. Two, seed users are required.

, these two are very reasonable answers. In practice, there are two situations. One is that when you get a user who can earn more money and pay more than you pay, you can spend money without limit. Many online games are like this.

but if you lose money to get users, your goal should be to reach a point of self growth. According to the Internet habits, when a brand or user base reached a certain density, then the next can achieve certain self growth. If it is not too messy, real users, active users reached a level of reputation, or to reach a certain level, plus real reputation, the real search index to over a million, the product itself is good, can achieve self growth. And to do user growth >


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