Have you all cheated

Have you all cheated

The story revolves around the

ges**.cn, Mr Li is the general manager of state-owned travel agency’s subsidiary, often need to arrange the meeting, this time down several, and Mr. Lee in the online search outsourcing company, in the selection, Mr. Lee checked in 123cha.com, found that ges**.cn PR had the company website 7, years of experience told him that the website be nice, then began to negotiate with them, did not expect to understand after the discovery of the other turned out to be a newly established without a qualification of small company, Mr. Lee confused, the newly established company why PR is so high. And, the domestic portal almost know in Baidu questioned, Mr. Li to understand, the original PR can still specifically identify fraud, whether PR fake website, Mr. Li 4pa.cn to check, if significant Show

ges**.cn’s PR is 7, false pointing to tech.sina.com.cn

this, Mr. Li learned a lesson, and then check PR can not only refer to 123cha and other stations..


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