A P from 1 to 400 of the failure experience of 1 97

A P from 1 to 400 of the failure experience of 1 97

has been two years in the study of the book of changes, know the development of anything cannot do without, from the beginning to long, from long to Sheng, from prosperity to decline of the laws of nature, we do also suitable for this kind of principle, everything has Yin and Yang, has an ebb with no exception whatsoever!


, a dragon flight must be IP is not necessarily a good sign


my group to do a medical station, there are more than 1 years from the operation until now, it is the use of the station group, the flow of rapid growth, from the original 3000 day, until June of this year IP growth to 17 thousand, Baidu included page 43 thousand, can be said to is a day ah, the leaders seem to be very happy, but I have a feeling to be a big problem, then with the leadership of the company through a channel is proposed to transfer center, look, don’t do too much, now is if this high-profile dragon flight, is bound to continue, but the estimated kanglongyouhui. Leaders have also been great success go to your head, did not listen, no wonder, it is said that only half a year, the station for the group to create 9 million 600 thousand of the profits, if I were a leader, I’m afraid there will be some Halo,


two, is to do more and more big fierce regret is extremely will decline

Zhou Yizhong talked to, is what you do will be bigger and bigger, not big, but if you do, the use of means to be wrong means, inevitably escape comes down at the end, it can be said that most of the medical websites, all belong to the construction and operation of cheating, such as extrapolation, internal optimization, hospital packaging and so on, are not tested, a little wind sways grass problems easily. Indeed, when I talked about this matter with the leadership of third months, the problem, in September 5th, the Department held an emergency meeting, the theme is the website of our Shanghai Health Bureau seized, sealed space, domain name resolution, the person in charge of the hospital was taken away for investigation.

three, Felicity never turns out in pairs. this is the eternal truth Disasters pile up on one another.

ancestors told us that this sentence Felicity never turns out in pairs., Disasters pile up on one another. is really the true saying, good is not one after another, but the bad thing will not only one, as the hospital survey sites were closed, then, Baidu for the next frame, the website included by Baidu manual intervention, only the home, consulting and booking is zero. This we know between what is called back to the night before release.

The group

from our hospital station defeat we realized that the use of unconventional, non work in just ways means do things, must not be for long, so when using these methods, must be careful, do not use acme, don’t do the big tree wind, otherwise, you will die very worse, there are more than 100 hospitals where I group, success, also have failure, later I will be in the form of case share.


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