nternet product operations create a product that allows users to linger

nternet product operations create a product that allows users to linger

once had a famous psychology experiment, which attached electrodes to the happy center of the mouse and placed the switch where the mouse could reach it. Then, the little white rat will be kept by the switch, do not eat or drink, sleepless, until exhaustion fainted.


does not sound good, it is the dream realm for most service providers (IT and traditional), taking as much time and energy as possible. Of course, it is good thing, this dream mostly stay in the dream stage, can only dream of drugs to adults, online games to children.

although the reality is very skinny, but this should not hinder to ideal approximation a little steps. So, what kind of service can let users away, it is difficult to extricate themselves? Through experience based on personal use, and the knowledge of psychology to find me some sanjiamao, high viscosity experience should cover the following four aspects:

1, which brings users to your services,

2, reduce the user in each task link physical, mental, pay

3, accurate strike on demand

4, demand continues to induce new demand after

I looked back at myself and summed up the sentences, and it was embarrassing because it was like "useless truth."". It was too straightforward, but I couldn’t think of a better word. Maybe give each sample a little expansion and give it a little "something".

1, how to introduce users to their services

should be a weapon,

The behavior of a

person is very simple. When he has a certain need, he searches for the easiest way to help him meet his goals. For example, when most college students need money, the first thing they think about is their parents. Because the parents are always available, is to get money "weapon". Therefore, the product must be accurate positioning of the demand scene, so that the plight of users remember you, just like to remember "difficult to find the police.".


if you are still a green hand, users never use your most trusted users, through the channels do promotion is a good idea. For example, millet specializing in brush enthusiasts, because fans are ordinary people buy the most trusted person. Of course, this can only help you take the first step, the reputation of the latter or rely on their own strength. To do it, you have to pinpoint a field and do "best at"".

wake up demand

demand often needs stimulation to wake up. The dryness of your throat pushes you to pick up the water, and inadvertently to the hundred dollar bills on the floor makes you itch. Since stimulation can awaken people’s inner needs and influence people’s behavior, then if you give the user a proper stimulus, you can pull him into your arms


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