Commemorate Michael Jackson’s thinking about website management

Commemorate Michael Jackson’s thinking about website management

·, June 26th, Michael, Beijing, Jackson died of cardiac arrest at the age of 51. Jackson left us a lot of classical music and left us with tales of turmoil that no one could tell. He went away without taking a cloud, just as he had been quietly coming. He can not take the young people’s restless heart, he can not keep the pursuit of fashion now. His story was left to that age; his glory lit up a period of history. Times did not abandon Michael. Jackson, it was Michael. Jackson abandoned that era. Like our website, the times did not abandon our website, it is our website can not keep up with the times. Let us think of our website, let us pay tribute to King Michael · Jackson.

, like Michael Jackson, many once famous people were once memorable. As Chinese online, many famous websites have memorable. For the website, for the webmaster speaking,,,,… These sites are like Michael. Jackson, after the gas is quiet, brilliant after the decline. It’s no wonder the Yangtze River, bring forth the new through the old, the new generation for the old people. Nobody can grasp the times, only luck will care for those who work hard. As the webmaster of us, as long as the effort is enough, remember: ten years, Hedong, ten years hexi. If you fight, someday, maybe your world.

without struggle, there is no chance. As a webmaster, not always strive to improve the level of the site, grasp the direction of the site, will also be eliminated by the times. Like Michael Jackson who died today, it is possible to be persistent, but to keep up with the times, but to keep up with the times. Do you often wonder how websites can last forever,


the number of government websites, the above news is a few years ago, some of the latest news " " it is already old news. This is the strange situation of the government website. If not the government in the back, as a personal site, such a site, has long been eliminated. Government websites and government departments should also keep pace with the times, not like our pop star Michael. Jackson is only a flash in the pan, otherwise they will be abandoned by people.

our search engine optimization also has its place with the times. With the search engine crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms improved, search engines become more and more intelligent. Search engines can detect more cheating, and can determine the relevance of a keyword to a keyword in a variety of ways, and can also detect whether the file is useful to the user. As a webmaster, we don’t have to stand in the rut and study the rules of search engines.

our website program should also keep pace with the times. New code, new style, keep up with the times.

, the direction of our website is also consistent with the times


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