Half year local classification station to do the national motorcycle network experience

Half year local classification station to do the national motorcycle network experience

Hello, I am! Do before the local classification of half of the station, now to do the classification and classification of station! We exchange website operation experience! I was done before the Nanyang classification, made nearly half a year, not what effect, eventually sold to others! Now summarize the main failure reasons there are two points:

1. programming error. Although Nanyang each district has a population of about 10000000, but the network coverage is not high, the quality of Internet users is not high, so the real website release information to classify people is actually very little! Plus a few local forums have classified information pages, so do the new classification website is indeed difficult to survive this is a point! Is planning this website at the beginning of the mistakes. Give everyone a suggestion: do not think that the population of many places, there is a classification site site,


2. doesn’t perform enough. Do stand half a year, just to promote local promotion, website promotion, search QQ group, although the promotion of many news, a number of keywords ranking is done first or second, but not for the next line promotion (you know the method of extended many lines), so the effect is very general. Of course, I have just graduated to learn to do web site, so there is no investment in funds. Conditional friend can do some offline promotion, such as banners, Internet cafes, public places desktop wallpaper, without their own eloquence and aimianzi person can ask people to do (to do it yourself, when, eloquence is good enough to save a lot of money), offline activities, in stationmaster net article a lot of promotion on the line, you see. Give you a suggestion: when you lack of execution, lack of funds, eloquence is not good, it is best not to do local classification station.

The failure of

a website can explain the owners not to go this route, so I began to think what to do what station do a creative station? No, although they have some good ideas, but because there is no power, have to do to others! Do not place the station?, no money, no partner, how to engage in offline promotion! What’s the station? What their major hobbies do what? Your major is Turner, was originally very hard work, the results for 3 months the total salary is 2100 yuan, whether to eat, although I manage, but fourth months or do not live at night the quilt is not thick enough, and all day leave home and begin learning network website! Now think about myself when I graduated too naive, always thought that hard work will get the same treatment! So the website I Turner is not interested in doing! Just do their own hobbies, I like playing the motorcycle, but also know a lot of moyou, technical problems, they also found some, so this iron thought do


most playful friends are often the motorcycle to change, so I am going to make a second-hand motorcycle trading network, the amount of information of the local single do too little, so this time for the country! Some friends may advise: friends.


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