Do website to have a website brand of oneself

Do website to have a website brand of oneself

often see posts in the forum, found a lot of sites were not their own characteristics in the domain name and station name, general station name more, so I write this article to express their ideas, and to explore together, our goal is to put my own website on the Internet to do better, I we learned a lot from me, of course I also very willing to share their own little experience, here to talk about my personal ideas on the website about the brand.


03 years of contact with the network, graduated from the Department of computer science and technology, after graduation to work in Beijing a portal, and then back to Guangdong to start their own business, do many types of websites, also try to do the classified information network, red net, goal of Guangdong to build the largest classified information network, is now in Dongguan the largest classified information network, and slowly expanding, the next step is Guangzhou and Shenzhen two municipalities.

this article mainly talk about the website brand, personally feel that the brand is a website of the soul, when we do website promotion brand marketing, the purpose of your site will play out the brand famous, will bring huge economic benefits. After my long observation, many do not pay attention to this point, mainly reflected in the domain name and station name, in the Dongguan region, I have done statistics, a total of Dongguan classified information network of about 20, independent of its own brand of not more than 2, while the red net is one of them. Most of the domain name is dgxxw, dgxinxi, xinxidg, 0769xx and so on, almost all cannot do without the information of Dongguan and several phonetic combinations, and the station are Dongguan information network, the domain name from the memory, is easy to remember, but in the long term, the development of very unfavorable site promotion, unfavorable site, and domain name corresponding to and you can only call the Dongguan information network, and takes this as the station of Dongguan is close to 20, and the majority of Internet users through the Baidu search engine to search, you will ensure that you must be in the first row even you? Ranked first, there are rows of second and third, virtually scattered a lot of hits, the loss of a lot of traffic. Sometimes desperately to promote, but to bring traffic to others, the heart must be uncomfortable. Therefore, when you select the theme of the website, the first thing to consider is your own domain name and station name, that is, your brand.

as long as you look, almost station has its own independent brand, from the classified information network for example, the domestic well-known 58 city, word-of-mouth network, Ganji, people network, network platform, see? No one to China information network as the station name? China information network is a general web site, can’t be your own brand, since it is their own brand, have uniqueness, like red, red net you search in the search engine, the results will have only one red, with red net for their own brand, vigorously to promote, which make people remember you the domain name, he will go to search, when you are the only time will eventually find your website, but you said that the name of the site is also a lot of it, such as happy net, there.


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