A rookie webmaster experience share

A rookie webmaster experience share

I am a novice, because girlfriend Entrepreneurship (Shanghai international air ticket reservations), think of the Internet, think of the website. After all, it’s low cost. However, the first site failed and was sealed by Baidu. So far I don’t know why. Now, I’ve got a new website, and I hope it won’t be inexplicably sealed this time. I also have a little idea about the website.

‘s girlfriend at home business, mainly engaged in international air tickets, ticket agents due to see other websites website, it wasn’t really what particularly valuable content, but in Baidu search top, then asked to know is looking for professionals to do SEO optimization.

so he would like to do SEO optimization, to find information online, but also clumsy doing, but always no effect. Have to ask someone else to do it. So he contacted a company that did SEO. Because they do not understand, do not talk about anything, signed a contract.

originally thought that everything will go smoothly, and who knows, after signing the contract a few days, Baidu’s ranking began to change, included page began to decrease, and finally only one or two pages, and finally, sealed off. I looked at the ranking of other websites, and it was also a wonderful change. Those times are much more than K’s stations. So I didn’t blame the SEO company, either. They can understand their situation.

Just then the

SEO service attitude, really makes me very satisfied, write the contract can not be honored, not to say hello to us, if I give him the money, no news, could not find one. Many times before contact, contact the first sentence is: "I did not in the original company did.". Your website is no longer responsible for me! "The obvious one. So he called the company and asked someone else who said he was at work. This time really was aggravated. But no way, the money has been handed over to them, it is impossible to come back, the contract written is not reached the effect of refund, when we put forward a refund, but to take this evidence, take the evidence. I need a business license. The obvious find Zhi did not want to retire, I a person ticket agency business license, I come, the contract did not write a refund to the business license. I can only think of bad luck at this time.

well, I wanted to make some money through SEO, but I made such a result. Now, this station is still sealed by Baidu, and Google is no problem. I don’t want to be in charge of this site yet. I’m hopeless.

so it also made an international ticket website (www.sha021.com), this station is not looking for what SEO company, or their own learning slowly, seriously do, and seriously optimize the real. I don’t want what hits, also don’t want those meaningless IP, I was in Shanghai international travel agency, international air tickets, if our website, if there is no reservation to the idea, but also a waste of their time.

, I’m doing a lot of work on this site, and I’m learning SEO knowledge myself, maybe sometimes


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