Local forum and Q group play a linkage effect profit collection

Local forum and Q group play a linkage effect profit collection

forum as the mainstream DZ and PW’s program won the competition for the forum program progress and rapid development, swept past the forum program simple and monotonous, become more feature rich and powerful, and according to the electronic commerce, local forum, professional forums and other mainstream forums to provide customized services, channels and other functions are very practical, to help all kinds of theme of the forum operation plays a very substantial support program. This has also contributed to the flourishing local forum to a certain extent, coupled with the local market opportunities and business opportunities, and the early development of local forums has achieved very good results.

so, now many webmaster choose to do in the station, on the local forum more worried, worried that the market is already saturated, it is difficult to success in this market, while others are more difficult to develop blindly, also do not have their own profit model, these two kinds of phenomena to the existing local Forum showing a polarization state development is stronger, develop more smoothly, and the late development of not growing up is still maintained in the state, it is difficult to obtain a breakthrough. The local forum has grown aside, just focus on how to make the development of local forum breakthrough, break the bottleneck of the development, find their own profit pattern, so as to share the cake of their own in the market, successful and profitable. To achieve this goal, as a webmaster, it is the understanding and execution of the implementation of the market, only the development of policies and strategies established to implement in place, to test the effectiveness of the profit model in the market, to improve and perfect, the profit model of success in practice into profits.

combined with some experiences accumulated in the operation of local personal forum, and share the local forum and Q group transport, play a "scale advantage, brand effect, linkage effect" effectively profitable experience.

build forum brand influence. In order to make the forum influence conducive to the development of expansion in the local, local forum needs to use a variety of ways to shape the brand in the early stage of development, and jointly organized by various businesses such as holiday time festival booth set up many young people in the local bustling places, promotional activities, the theme of distributed flyers, resulting in local Internet crowd gradually to expand their influence, gradually attract more users to join in. Through certain activities, publicity and advertising inputs, so that the forum in the minds of the crowd to increase their influence, and gradually shape a certain brand influence, for future advertising and other activities to lay the foundation. And the key to achieving this goal is the webmaster and forum management team execution, so as to managers, owners and other members of the management should take the initiative to go out, is the ultimate way to understand the local forum offline, online and media platforms only, and ultimately rely on the influence of advertising revenue, income and profit still must rely on cooperation offline promotion and brand marketing.

build Q group scale advantages. The core value of the local forum lies in the cohesion and assurance of the local market users. So in forums >


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