How to build a professional website experience

How to build a professional website experience


do dumpster succeed can bring huge traffic for themselves, then we can achieve the successful transformation proceeds, but in fact we have a clear mind to do garbage station is only temporarily plan, once the search engine punishment, will be difficult to have a "emancipated", certainly not long. As a webmaster who wants to be more successful, I believe everyone knows that a website that can develop for a long time is a better choice than a garbage station with more eyes to see the future. Ma Yun said to do a live one hundred years of business, our website requirements are not so high, but at least have survived for a few years or even decades of potential and value is not, so to create "professional" website, with professional value and attract and retain visitors, is the inevitable way to do successfully stand the. Specifically how to build such a site, is today we want to share with you the topic.

"professional" type of site is first reflected in the appearance of the site.

whether a website is professional or not, the first criterion of visitor’s judgment is the appearance design of the website when visiting. So the owners should be in the construction site early time to design your own website layout, including content section, design of the first thing visitors will see the most direct impact on the evaluation of website visitors. If your personal technology is not up to the standard of independent design layout template, it may wish to spend some money, in the A5 district such as task publishing template to modify the design task, take the limited money for many master A5 help you design a good layout, which will greatly enhance the appearance of the site. In addition the appearance design includes the program must take enough thought, the only way to avoid future big changes, so that visitors have a stable understanding of the site, not for the next to find a column can not find, in addition to the search engine more friendly, avoid search engine punishment. These are the main points that should be paid attention to in the design of the website.

"professional" type of Web site, the key in the content of the site.


appearance is where the site hits the visitor’s eye and leaves the first impression. And to interest and trust visitors, the first visitors into the "repeat customers" approach is to enrich the content of the site, the content of the site to the "professional" direction. This involves thinking about how to make and organize "specialized" content.

on the one hand, as a webmaster of your best is familiar with this industry, if not do original, also to be able to collect and organize valuable information and data, these will be arranged to enrich the content of useful websites, one for each of the columns to go, then you need to be often focus on some professional websites and forums within the industry, timely access to fresh information and other content from.

on the other hand, when making good content, the webmaster should consider providing visitors with a more diverse platform for communication. For example, forums and QQ groups in the form of frequent interactive discussions, conditional, should organize some offline gatherings or special


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