t is better to start your own business at less than five thousand a month

t is better to start your own business at less than five thousand a month

my company opened in Zhongguancun, started from scratch, to the present scale, I worked hard on the road to entrepreneurship for 6 years.

monthly salary of five thousand is the critical point of entrepreneurship

the reason why I chose to start my own business was simple. "Just look at Beijing’s housing prices, and I understand that we are low income and high consumption," he said. At present, if the monthly salary of 3000~5000 yuan, even if it is a high salary, and the monthly salary of 8000 yuan to ten thousand yuan of people in fact rare, and the higher the income, the more spending. A person with this level of income for 20 years, it is enough to buy a suite, and a little better buy a car, do not think anything else. So, at that time I chose to start my own business, is to give myself a chance to fight. The monthly salary of 5000 yuan or more people, you can consider continuing to work, after all, there is a great risk of entrepreneurship, and the market is still gradually improved stage, their own business, there are many unspoken rules to consider."

when I started the business, I did not want to go far, even did not want to have a lot of money, so far, my self evaluation is: to solve the problem of food and clothing. My real ambition is to earn enough money for the rest of my life to retire and do what I love, such as charity work. I put my retirement age in 2015, "when I was 42 years old, can do the young have no opportunity to do things, can also tour the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country. At present, I bought two suites in Beijing, but also prepared to buy another, these properties later rental, can be used as my retirement source of income, this investment is relatively worry and safe."

always loses

before he finds his place

from 1994 to 1996, I came to Beijing to work in a software company, and the software industry from demand, production, testing to after-sales process series, I have made it very clear. By chance, I met a radio program planning, because he was especially interested in this, so these two years, I work during the day in the evening to do software company, the radio edit, I have planned a "zero" survey shows 30 sets special "don’t ask me where I am", "the 30 episodes of the show come out, have the press to find us, want to program content publishing a book." So I have another job, which is to make the recording of the program into written material. But when I finished the 3000 questionnaires alone and completed 50 words of information, the publishing house had no intention of releasing the book. The reason was simple and the time was too long. Although a lot of work did not get a satisfactory result, but my enthusiasm is not affected in any way, this is my interest, "at that time, day and night to work in the company, do editing and planning work, but also to the reception program group invited guests, a program is going to night eleven two points, but I never feel tired. It may also be the reason for not having too much pressure on someone else to work."

in 1997, I plotted about the runner


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