How to do a good female site profit point how to start

How to do a good female site profit point how to start

female station for many webmaster, has not strange. There are also many famous women’s websites in china. I’ve been wondering how they make a profit and how to promote it. When she made a female network, she slowly made a more detailed analysis of her.

preferred to talk about how to promote. First of all, SEO is unavoidable. This experienced friend can do it. Here not elaborate, he knows. In addition, their own commonly used way, or through QQ group, micro-blog promotion. Every day I send messages to women online from 18 to 35 years of age using related software and other methods. QQ. This is just the right age. As long as you do a good job, the page is beautiful, repeat customers also have. New visitors also have. The key is to find ways to retain repeat customers. In addition, I use a variety of micro-blog plus a lot of female friends. The age range is between 18 and 35, up and down. Of course, it’s too much work. But in this way, the flow will still be relatively fast. There is to add some female QQ group, flicker in the group.

many people know that a woman’s money is good, and a student’s money is good. As a student, this piece is basically rotten. It might be a good thing to be a women’s web. Before I did, I saw many big female stations such as ruili. Most of their profit models depend on advertising, which seems a bit of a rubbish. That’s not advertising. But they did it well. Mostly clothes, women’s things and so on. These consumption for female groups is quite large, profit margins are also large. Another is that after the development of women’s networks, you can go to some union advertising to do. Profits are fairly good.

for the first time, so Doha. I have just started the small station, but also need to learn more about you. And AD for me at another station, Welcome to female class or related site friends and I change links. I QQ 1038109

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