Four mainstream online shop system analysis

Four mainstream online shop system analysis

was asked by his friend to help him build an independent online shop. He asked, "simple, practical, different from others.".

then began to find the shop system, I have tested the shopex before, is said to have relationship with the point, then this system is quite disappointing, the running speed is slow, more than I could bear, then due to the system design makes the design fits the template, there is nothing new at all, I love always take things that come from the East and west to change, change, and others are completely different, it is labor-saving and convenient, and will not repeat with others. The system skipped directly because it had no prior interest in shopex.

second is oscommerce, a veteran foreign shop system, this system is powerful needless to say, otherwise it will not be for many years without replacement is still the reputation in outside, download after installation, found a problem, not a few template resources can be described, and design your own words, no estimate of 10 and a half months is not out, we don’t have time for that. In addition, it is said that the Chinese extension is limited, so we had to give up.

third is a zen-cart system developed on the basis of oscommerce, online system is currently the world’s most people, many people like to zen-cart far beyond oscommerce, from Chinese in domestic support, it can be seen that the popularity of difference between the two, oscommerce could not find a Chinese support website, and there is a zen-cart, but the popularity is also good, there are several very enthusiastic fans who love is from the heart of zen-cart. I also downloaded, installed, and entered the background, and found the powerful, functional rich, you can think of, you can not think of, all have. Templates are also available, although it is still limited, most of them are charged, the content of a rare expensive truth, at this time reflect the most incisive. For a long time test, I gave up, zen-cart is a pretty good shop system, but the system design is more suitable for foreigner’s logic, more suitable for foreigners to establish customer shop, but to learn to touch your cable will need time to build the template.

was also found in the easy online shop system, but some friends say bad. Skip directly, not even try.

fourth is the ECSHOP, I have chosen this system for several reasons: the procedure is simple and practical, fast and fit for our shopping process logic, technical support forum popularity is also good, there are problems can be solved, give the person a sense of security, template rich, enthusiastic people to continue to provide free templates, convenient for us used to modify, save time and effort. So it took two or three days for my friend to build this online shop:, integrating the discuz forum, calling the forum post to the first


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