Some tips how do small websites make a profit

Some tips how do small websites make a profit

started its website construction in September 2006, and started its own website in October. It has been considering the problem of profit. So far, the website is still not profitable.

I would like to share some experiences with you:

1 Baidu Union, Ali alliance, is to help them to release these big companies by advertising, we get little from the site into a small, hit 0.01 yuan, 0.02 yuan, and under normal circumstances, the Baidu Inc or the Ali Co they accept an advertising click is 0.2 yuan or more. We do nothing but is high; for these union sponsors promote their own advertising, at the same time delay our time, finally get the money is negligible. Many brothers and sisters on small websites create profits for these big websites without paying off, and the returns are almost 0.

2 most of the site builders holding a lot to do stand and do stand the mentality of people to work, many webmaster friends I know they related to the website construction technology is the lack of technology, not their competitiveness.

3 how to make a profit is placed in front of many small webmaster of a very realistic problem:

below is my own point of view:

website must provide products and services to meet a certain population

1 is going to have to pay for the product and service,

2 to find their own marketing means

3, who wants to make a profit, must be a person with comprehensive qualities,

Do you like the

you want to pull ads, then you must find your website can provide those businesses or companies need your advertising services, such as advertising into your business, but also on the formation of your service, instead of guarding your site behind closed doors, it is difficult to profit. You can also find agents and sales of some products, so relying on cyber source for customers is also a good choice, I hope that the things they did more stationmaster also reflect, let more webmaster friends can make money, these are some simple ideas, either do or other. We must make clear what we do is to get what, if we do a few months later we found what we have no pocket, then you should consider yourself doing it right, if you chose the right direction, whether they are suitable for doing such a thing, whether their own strengths above this, youth is short. The Internet will create a miracle, but the miracle behind, is a kind of technology innovation, create new value, a new mode of creation, he will create value for the traditional industry, so you have to consider whether it is right to do. I hope you can get more profits to support your website career growing.

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