When a door closes there must be another window open Anything is possible

When a door closes there must be another window open Anything is possible

people often say that if life closes one of your doors, it opens a window for you and tells us not to complain about the difficulties and hardships in your life, because that may be the way to success.

many successful people, their growth along the way may not be smooth, suffered many setbacks and pain, some even unfair treatment, life closed one of their doors. Antivirus software, anti-virus experts, like the famous Jiangmin founder Mr. Wang Jiangmin has died, although suffered a miserable childhood, but also honed his strong will, 38 years before the initial contact with the Internet, also reached the pinnacle of success. Some people say that Wang said that his life has created countless miracles. Of course, the pressure and the hardship that comes along the way is only understood by the party itself, and in the words of his friend, "he is the one who can handle all the blows.". A person is stunned, is resistance to the past."

the Internet in China is still difficult now. Google’s exit, personal website GG AdSense revenue has also been affected. In a survey of the A5 forum, "Google’s exit from China, your GG advertising revenue is not down?" most people said that "GG advertising click price drop", do stop income decrease. The filing system has not been followed; the spatial service provider industry standards have not been perfected; the personal website profit model still needs to be discussed constantly…… The whole network environment is not good, and the road of personal station is full of thorns. Many people lose their jobs and more people consider changing their careers. It is hard to start a business on the internet.

some young people complain that after 80 we were born in an inappropriate age, and now that we are in transition, we are in a period of transition. But take it easy, we had been born, this is a fact that cannot be changed. Often look at some successful interviews, including some outstanding post-80s generation, they through non ordinary people’s efforts to get a very return. Like bubble net CEO, Li Xiang, Majoy President Mao Kankan and so on, is regarded as "the Internet upstart", although is also 80 people, has already passed diligently to become enviable "the billionaire"". Success is not at hand. If it is not a wizard, it will require more effort. When peers are still playing, they are writing code dedicated, researching the needs of the user; when peers finish school at the University, they are social fighting experience; when peers work hard to find graduation, they have set up their own company, harvest life a bucket and a pot of gold.

doesn’t say that the billionaires here say that some of the friends they see in A5 are examples of what they have learned. Even without expertise, you can do it if you want to succeed. Skilled people can take a single, lack of a monthly income of tens of thousands of marketing skills; website promotion, traffic rushing, rushing and income; people do e-commerce, to achieve a monthly income of 7 digits…… In many silent around people, they might be with wealthy people, although they do not show off their. Achievements >


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