Will Trojan horse be banned by search engine in the website

Will Trojan horse be banned by search engine in the website

website Trojan will be search engine blocked? Recently, because the Trojan virus is driven by the interests of many web servers have been invaded, then hackers placed horse virus. Many customers have a worry, that is, after the Trojan horse in the website, will be blocked by search engines?.

, for this question, has done some observations. A Trojan horse website is not directly blocked by search engines. But it will be labeled as "



this tip, if not deleted as soon as possible, regardless of the site’s GOOGLE ranking is so good. I believe there will be no user clicks. Think of Europe’s Web site optimization staff every day to help many customers delete the Trojan on the site, delete GOOGLE virus tips on the site.

website after trojan virus, as long as found in time, timely processing. Does not affect the ranking of the site. In addition, the speed at which GOOGLE removes viruses is very rapid. Basically, GOOGLE can respond to the site within 1 days as long as you delete the virus.

if you haven’t deleted the virus for a long time, it has a great influence on the ranking.

friendly reminder:

the search engine does not directly block the site, despite the Trojan horse in the site. But GOOGLE’s virus hints are also very damaging to the user experience of the site.

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